Dive In: Our Community Scheme 

Riverside Studios runs a vibrant community scheme which encourages accessibility of the arts, creativity and well-being in the community. Through a mixture of community run events, subsidised memberships, partnerships and work experienceopportunities, we are helping to connect local individuals, groups, charities and voluntary organisations across the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. 

Dive In: Community Events 

We run a range of digital and live events for all ages that are either free for Dive In members, or heavily discounted. From weekly yoga sessions with the Lumi Foundation, in-house film club discussions to getting toddlers dancing with Dance West, we are dedicated to bringing people together to encourage community cohesion and tackling loneliness and isolation.  

 Please visit our community events page here to register and make bookings.  

“From the moment I joined the Riverside Film Club it became a treat I always looked forward to - a brilliant way to meet up with cinephiles every week and have heated debates about everything from classic Hollywood thrillers and the star system to less familiar indie films from all over the world.” - Helen Jerome 

 “The quality of the yoga teaching, the connection of the participants, the feeling of community, the fun, the exercise, the well-being…it is all fantastic!  Thank you Riverside Studios!” – Ann Styles