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Pitchblack Playback: Radiohead 'OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017' (25th Anniversary)

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Experience the expansive reissue of 'OK Computer' like never before for its 25th Anniversary at our immersive listening session in the dark. Featuring all the B-sides and the three previously unreleased tracks that featured on the 2017 release, this is an unmissable experience for Radiohead fans, with the 24-bit stereo files up-mixed to surround sound for a truly engrossing experience. Hear and feel every nuance of this groundbreaking record with no distractions. Just you and the music on our huge sound system in our 192-capacity Screen One.


“This sounds great” - Rick Rubin

"The future of music listening" - The Guardian

”Very revealing” - Richard Russell, XL Recordings / Everything Is Recorded

"A fabulous idea" - Jay Kay, Jamiroquai


Ticket includes Pitchblack Playback eye mask for extra darkness. Please arrive by event start time as latecomers will not be admitted. This event also includes an interval between both discs, during which time patrons may leave the cinema.


As recommended by The Guardian, GQ, Time Out, Metro and Newsweek.

Pitchblack Playback
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