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Uncovering Film: Workshops for 16-30 year olds

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Interested in a career in film but not sure where to start? We’re hugely excited to be partnering with West London based production company Alookinto and the Bollo Youth Centre to bring you a series of weekly workshops uncovering different options of working in the film industry.

Each week will have a specific focus, from unlocking the business of production, the role of sound designers, art direction, cinematography to a session on film and activism. There will also be special guest speakers joining us for some weeks.

You don’t need any previous experience in film to join these sessions, and you don’t need to sign up to all of them, but we recommend that you do if you want an overview of roles in the film industry.

Week 1:

Film + production

This session unveils the different stages of film production. You’ll discover the ins and outs of treatments, and what makes a successful film pitch.

Week 2:

Film + Art

This session will focus on how different art forms are incorporated into film, from set design to art direction. A special guest Art Director will be joining this workshop to share insight into set design.

Week 3

Film + camera

This week is a more hands-on workshop with cinematographers and camera technicians to explore the practical side of filmmaking. The session will be a chance to breakdown key techniques, terms and the different methods of filming from low to high budget productions.

Week 4:

Film + Activism

For the final week in this series, the workshop will explore the link between activism and film, and how the medium of film can be wielded as a tool for social change. The session will consist of a couple of screenings of shorts, followed by an analysis where we will be applying the tools learnt from previous sessions.

About Alookinto

Alookinto is a new wave video and photography production company offering film making services to produce short-form fiction content, brand content, documentaries, photography projects, fashion films, behind the scenes shorts and music videos. As a production company, they want to create a community of like-minded creatives working on a similar ethos to make projects that are driven by love, compassion, respect, exploration and collaboration. Focusing on innovative, under-represented and politically driven film making, Alookinto explore current political and cultural affairs through a Gen Z lens.

Instagram: @alookinto_

Run time:
90 mins
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