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Exploring the history behind Operation Mincemeat

In advance of Operation Mincemeat live – on stage here at Riverside Studios from 28 April – we’re warming up our audiences with Operation Mincemeat, the film, starring Colin Firth and Matthew MacFayden.


And not to be outdone – we’re also offering a unique historical take on the story, with an exclusive Q&A after the film with a senior curator from the Imperial War Museum, Dr Toby Haggith.


Visiting us on Sunday 24 April, Dr Haggith, a historian who has worked at IWM since 1988, will give our cinema audience a much deeper insight into the facts behind the true story of Operation Mincemeat. An expert in both the Second World War and mid-20th Century Conflict, Dr Haggith will both explain the historical narrative – and take questions from the floor.


This event is free for all ticket-holders for that screening – find out more and book here: