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27 Feb 2024

A 'Subversive' Spring Exhibition at Riverside Studios

Discover the bold, thought-provoking work of textile artist Holly Searle at Riverside Studios from March - May 2024.

To coincide with the spring theatre season, Riverside Studios has also opened a new exhibition of artistic work, free to the public. 

The displays—comprised of textile art that highlights social issues and especially those affecting women—will feature works from Holly Searle, ‘The Subversive Stitcher’, whose series of ‘Subverted Vintage Tea Towels’ were originated as a response to her own experiences, drawing on themes including the COVID-19 pandemic and events in public life around that time. 


Commenting on the vintage tea towel concept, Searle said:

Each one of them deals with an issue that is prevalent in society. I have subverted the initial meaning of the tea towel with an overlaid statement to create a different perspective.

As with its previous exhibition, ‘Regeneration at Riverside’--which marked the venue’s long association with the BBC’s Dr Who—the Studios will be displaying Searle’s works for public viewing across its collection of front-of-house spaces, including the spacious atrium and open-plan foyer adjoining the Box Office and the Riverside Bar & Restaurant. The exhibition is free to view and wheelchair accessible.


Rachel Tackley, Artistic Director of Riverside Studios, said:

 "Riverside Studios has a history of embracing different art forms, but I am not sure we have ever celebrated tea towels!"

"Holly’s subversion of the humble kitchen essential makes for an original, challenging and thought-provoking installation which is a joy to behold."