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The Covid Chronicle

A historic first-hand record of the 21st century pandemic in textiles & stitch.

The Covid Chronicle was set up by artist Wendy Bliss during the February UK Lockdown, 2021. The completed project is made up of 142 submissions from around the world, and the panels have been curated and stitched together into metre square blocks of four, making a total of 36 metres of work. The installation has been described as a ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ for the 21st century pandemic, and records personal experience in words as well as pictures: each artist has been invited to add words to support their panel for this extraordinary collection; these are often poetic or moving, and always interesting.


A permanent home will be sought for The Covid Chronicle in its entirety, but if a collector is not found, the big squares will be made available for auction at the end of the tour with proceeds going to MIND, the mental health charity. You can register your interest now, by e-mailing [javascript protected email address] with ‘Auction’ as the subject and referencing the catalogue number of the square you are interested in. You will be notified in due course when the auction is ready for bids.


There is an open book for you to record and share your own thoughts in words and/or pictures. Together we can make a paper Covid Chronicle for 2022.


This exhibition epitomises how the creative process of embroidery can bring together communities around the world, whilst also promoting and reflecting the sense of well-being it brings to maker and viewer alike.


Some words from the artists:


‘The challenge to contribute a square towards The Covid Chronicle gave me the opportunity to explore strong feelings.’ Glen Gerrard.


‘Literally stitching my own piece to that of others seemed like a perfect antidote to the disconnect I felt.’ Naomi Adams.


‘Creating the panel was extremely helpful as it allowed me to process my thoughts and get them out into the open - very important at a time when face to face communication was not always possible.’ Vicky O’Leary.


‘I have been amazed by the quality of work that has been submitted, and the resulting exhibition will be truly a thing of beauty.’ Karen Turner.  


The tour dates (which may be added to later) are:

Sunbury Embroidery Gallery: 25 Feb - 3 April; 

Chippenham Museum: 9 April - 6 May; 

Lightbox Woking: 10 May - 20 June; 

Riverside Studios, Hammersmith: 29 July - 29 Aug; 

Merton Priory Chapter House: 4 Sept - 25 Sept: 

The Spode Gallery, Stoke on Trent: 30 Sept - 29 Oct; 

Williamson Museum & Art Gallery, Birkenhead: 10 Nov - 7 Jan, 2023; 

Studio 40, Neath: 14 Jan - 25 Feb 2023.

Email: [javascript protected email address]

Instagram: @the_covid_chronicle

Facebook: @thecovidchronicle