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Nigel Planer and Friends

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Three London-based authors talk about their new work in a special west-London launch event at Riverside Studios.

Join Nigel Planer, writer, poet and actor (best known as Neil in The Young Ones) with filmmaker and debut novelist Simon Rumley (director: Crowhurst, Red, White & Blue) and fiction and non-fiction author, lecturer and feature writer/presenter Dr Rachel Knightley (Beyond Glass, Your Creative Writing Toolkit).


Jeremiah Bourne in Time by Nigel Planer:  

As Jeremiah is swept from his crumbling home in Blackfriars in 2019, to the same house but in 1910, he suddenly faces two questions: how did he get here, and how can he get back to his own time? On his quest for answers, he encounters a cast of comic characters and situations: a coven of free-thinking spiritualists, a futuristic residents’ association, warring street gangs, eugenic scientists, aggressive domestic servants and a nudist magistrate. But his activities have alerted a community of time-travellers from the future, who set out to capture and investigate him. Who can Jeremiah trust to help him? And could there be a link between his time-travelling gift and his mother’s sudden disappearance when he was only nine? Will he inadvertently lead the wrong people to her?


Twisted Branches by Rachel Knightley:  
Twisted Branches is a dark domestic noir on familial love, poisoned loyalty and how we knowingly and unknowingly mess up — and light up — each other’s lives. Artist and matriarch Effie clings to the house five generations of her family called home. But are its ghosts haunting her or is she summoning them? With Effie's death, rejected protégé Kerry-Alice and daughter-in-law Veronica fight to lay her influence to rest in their own lives, but who is truly haunted and who is doing the haunting?


The Wobble Club by Simon Rumley

Gill and Brolly live together off South London's Walworth Road. They share a happy existence, unremarkable except for one thing – their excessive food intake. After witnessing their best friend Tiny Tim eat himself to death, Brolly decides he and Gill should lose weight before suffering the same fate – but Gill refuses. Brolly starts dieting in secret and sets off a series of unpredictable events that will change their lives forever.

Run time:
90 mins
Riverside Studios
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