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People Vs Pipeline: The Cost of Crude Oil

Barnes Film Festival

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A WaterBear Original Documentary

This mini-documentary follows the historic lobbying by Canadian and US land defenders to stop the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The story exposes how marginalised communities have had their legal rights completely disregarded by the government in order to favour profit over people. Their bravery was able to gather global attention and mobilise a movement of indigenous, non-indigenous and climate-organisation groups to fight together for a common purpose of protecting their lands. This unprecedented event sets an example for environmental activist movements all over the world, showing that collective action can bring effective change.

However, after a historic 12-year battle, a few questions still remain: will the project resurrect under a more ‘preferable’ government? And, would the legal rights of indigenous communities ever be respected when considering similar projects?



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Barnes Film Festival
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