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Shorts Showcase 3 - Living on the Edge

Barnes Film Festival

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Living on the Edge psychologically, geographically, or futuristically this curated selection of short dramas, docs and animations will stretch the meaning of the term.

Nice to Meet You All (UK Doc) (2) Witty, stylish film about a young woman with dissociative identity disorder.

Just Like You (UK Doc) (20) Moving doc about an ex con struggling with addiction trying to go straight with the help of support group ‘Band of Brothers’ and positive mental health exercises such as meditation and mindfulness.

Down (UK Animation) (5) A hole in London lures people to jump inside, growing larger, deeper and seemingly more unstoppable with each victim.

Deep Clean (UK Short) (14) Maddie is tasked with cleaning the house of a hoarder, an old woman who recently died. As she starts to become increasingly paranoid that she is not alone she contemplates her future.

The Last Mechanic (UK Short) (10) In 2051, a charismatic but lonely mechanic invites us into his garage and talks us through the ups and downs of the past 30 years. It didn't go the way that you think.

Dajla: Cinema and Oblivion (INT Doc) (15) An observational documentary of life going on in Dakhla, one of the Sawri refugee camps in southern Algeria. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotomy. 

Candle Cops (UK Animation) (12) A police procedural drama on his kitchen table, with his iPhone, using candles.

Mattricide (UK Animation) (2) A humorous stop motion thriller following one woman's fight with urban fly-tipping.

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