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Sound Bath: Total Relaxation

Saturday 29 June 2024
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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience at our upcoming 70min Sound Bath!


Immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere where the soothing sounds of singing bowls, drums, and chimes will wash over you. As the harmonic vibrations resonate through your body, stress and tension will melt away, leaving you with a profound sense of calm and inner balance. 


No prior experience is required. 

This event is capped at 18 people and we have 12 yoga mats available on site to borrow. Therefore, participants should ideally:

  • bring their own yoga mat
  • wear comfortable and warm clothes
  • bring a blanket


Please note: this event is NOT suitable if you're pregnant (first trimester), experience epilepsy, severe heart conditions or severe mental disorder (i.e. schizophrenia).



Consuelo Cogrossi is an Holistic Wellbeing Expert who helps people managing the early signs of anxiety with confidence and ease. As a working mum who recovered from an eating disorder and postnatal anxiety, she understands the struggle of mentally counting calories while perusing restaurant menus and the exhaustion of a never-ending to do list brimming of responsibilities.


Consuelo blends the best modalities from the Wellbeing industry - including yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork and plant medicine through Cacao Ceremonies - to offer you an holistic approach to Wellbeing. These practices are designed to help you release tension in your body, enhance your vitality and sharpen your mental clarity. With Consuelo's guidance you'll learn the tools to confidently navigate the demands of modern life, so you can feel more balanced and energised. 

Run time:
70 mins
Riverside Studios
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Saturday 29 June 2024