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The Moon Looks Delicious from Here

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Through the mediums of physical theatre, mime and characterisation, The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, is a 60 minute, semi-autobiographical one-man theatre show which explores immigrant family dynamics and how they shape identity and heritage in a first-generation citizen.

Brincat is that first-generation citizen. Born in mid-60’s South Africa, Brincat, along with his family, find their maturing years playing out against the backdrop of a country in turmoil.

The drama is driven by a loving father and son - each from different eras and motherlands. Here, Brincat plays an array of characters in and around this fragile young nuclear family - some foreign, some local - all of whom are finding or losing themselves in the ever-changing political landscape that is South Africa.

Language, religion, ambition, sexuality and political leanings are brought into sharp focus as our two lead characters fight off ‘otherness’, while attempting to assert themselves into a volatile new country. Key moments in their lives are juxtaposed against powerful developments in South Africa’s history during the 70s and 80s and, as the effects of apartheid begin to reach boiling point, family ties threaten to tear apart.

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60 mins
Aldo Brincat
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