HR Onboarding

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Staff Pass

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Keeping You Safe

Temperature Testing

Your temperature will be checked at Reception daily. If someone is found to be fever-ish, we will ask them to stay at home and come back another time.  

Face Masks

All of our staff, except for those who are medically exempt, will be required to wear face masks to protect themselves, and our guests.

Contact Tracing

We are required to keep a register of all the people who are in and around the building so that, if anyone tests positive, we’ll be able to let you know so that you can take precautions. The NHS app can be downloaded here. 

Hand washing

All staff are required to adhere to strict and safe hand washing following government guidance. Washing hands at least every 30 minutes for 20 seconds with warm water and soap is essential.


Showing symptoms? Feeling unwell? Please stay at home - we want you to get better and join us soon. We’ll still be here in 14 days, promise. 

One-way system

We have set up pathways through the building to minimise contact with others as you move from one part to another - please observe the signs.

Enhanced cleaning

We have contracted more cleaners to constantly monitor the building and make sure our public spaces and bathrooms are frequently wiped down and cleaned.

Social Distancing

Yes, we all love to be closer to people but there is a time and place for that - and that’s not here or now! Please keep your distance to at least 1m where possible.

Staff Handbook