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Embroidery Demonstration

Saturday 30th July, 12-4pm - no registration required!

Artist, Manoela Grigorova is hosting an embroidery demonstration amongst the new art installation at Riverside Studios, The Covid Chronicle.  


Grigorova is an intuitive, emerging artist who explores bold colours and contradicting textures through mixed media art, jewellery and sustainable adornment.  Born in Bulgaria in 1983, under the Iron Curtain, there was certainly nothing grey or oppressive about her childhood. Inspiration was all around, from colourful textiles to tapestries to folklore tales deeply rooted within Bulgarian culture.  


Grigorova will be embroidering in the afternoon on Saturday 30th July to celebrate the opening of The Covid Chronicle, a historic first-hand record of the 21st century pandemic in textiles and stitch.  


She will be answering any questions you might have about mixed media art, as she unveils the intricate process of her embroidery.


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